Welcome to the team, that makes your vehicle fit for Germany!


We offer our customers an extensive service. Our well trained team works with most modern devices of state of the art technology. No matter if it is about asian brands or US-vehicles – any of them is in good hands.

The conversion of imported vehicles is done following European standards and is required for admission. If classic cars, modern classic cars or brand new vehicles – we will take the vehicle with full acceptance to the road.

These are generally the following steps:

  • Compilation of required paper work like for example US-title/MSO
  • Customs clearance certificate
  • Vehicle data sheet
  • photometric certificate
  • Emissions report
  • EMC assessment (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Noise report
  • Retrofitting/modification after StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations)
  • TÜV- demonstration and approval
  • Special permits

Basic required modifications:

  • Parking light white
  • Indicator orange
  • Rear fog lamp with a control switch in the view field of the driver
  • With Xenon-main headlamp retrofitting of a headlight cleaning-system and possibly headlight range adjustment

We oversee you and your vehicle completely for all necessary steps.