Welcome to the team, that makes your vehicle fit for Germany!

Workshop Services

Overview of workshop services

  • Inspections following manufacturer specification
  • Engine diagnosis
  • Oil change using the manufacturer recommended lubricants
  • AU/HU § 29 StVZO daily
  • Full acceptance § 21 StVO
  • Vintage car report according to § 23 StVO
  • Car electrics, fault diagnosis and reading out error messages
  • Maintenance and repair of air conditioners
  • Repair/exchange of exhaust, shock absorbers and breaks
  • Brake tester with axle load scale
  • Fixing of glass damage
  • Brake service
  • Tire service and storage
  • Car maintenance
  • Accident repairs
  • Speedometer repair (Analog)
  • Speedometer labeling in km/h
  • Noise measurement together with TÜV Nord in Bremerhaven

We are using original- or upon request spare Parts of OEM quality.

Together with selected partners we are offering bodywork, painting work, interior- and exterior cleaning as well as the processing and creation of vintage- and youngtimer appraisals.